Current Projects

Help Meet Basic Needs

1.  There are units that are serving in extremely cold areas. Out of the hundreds of young men and women serving there are 130 of them that cannot afford a basic winter fleece. Almond Branch is currently raising money to cover the cost.  Each fleece costs $22.

2.  A second brigade in the south needs 130 field bags for those soldiers that cannot afford their own and Almond Branch is raising funds for that expense.  Each bag runs $19.

3.  Water Backpacks are needed for those soldiers living in poverty and who serve in areas that reach temperatures of over 110 F. Water dehydration is a major health concern for all Israelis living in the southern Negev regions and the north regions of the Golan. They run about $18 per bag.

4.  Simple brimmed hats provide much needed shade and some relief to soldiers serving in the north. Currently 500 soldiers are unable to afford this basic piece of equipment. They cost $3.25 a hat.

Supportive under-privileged children centers.  These centers facilitate 15 of the hardest hit kids in each city.  It is a safe haven for these children.  Many of them go home to empty refrigerators and harsh conditions at home.  Other needs for these centers consist of:  clothes, shoes, games, arts and crafts supplies and projects, cleaning supplies, food coupons for the families, sports equipment, toiletries, jungle-gym play areas, etc.  The City Hall provides the building, few repairs, a teacher and helper and sometimes food.  The Almond Branch Initiative will be heading back to Israel in October where we''ll be meeting with a local Israeli humanitarian aid organization to see how we might partner with them in the effort to make sure the kids have everything else they need.  Here, the kids are given their only hot meal of the day, tutoring, classes, etc.  It is an after-school program until 7pm.

An under-privileged youth center here in Tiberias. We have adoption centers all over for kids 6-12 years old, but there is nothing for the kids once they hit 13!  Exodus Ltd, an Israeli humanitarian non-profit organization would really love to do a joint project with the City Hall and work on the youth.  A center like this could train the kids professions and help break the cycle of poverty and to give kids out on the streets with no supervision or help at 12-18, the most critical age, needed direction and purpose and training.  The Almond Branch Initiative is investigating ways to come alongside this program and help where needed an able.