map-of-israel-black- SDEROT

  • Location: Sderot, Israel (less than a mile from Gaza.
  • Sderot is a depressed location due to frequent rockets fired from the Gaza strip.
  • Sderot has one of the highest post-traumatic stress (PTSD) incident rates in Israel due to the rocket fire it receives.
  • We rebuilt an abandoned children’s park in Sderot’s city center, bordered a large elementary school.
  • We had opportunities to distribute humanitarian aid items and be an encouragement to all.



Once populated by 30,000 people, Sderot’s remaining 19,000 people live in a state of constant fear due to frequent missile attacks from their neighbor, Gaza.  The Almond Branch team donated time, money and hard work to rebuild an abandoned park near the center of this city.  As the project was underway, many local families and children came to join our team in an attempt to better the community.  We also constructed wooden pergolas to provide shade, picnic tables for families to gather around and created two memorial areas; one dedicated to 4 year old Afik Zahavi, and the other one in remembrance of all those who have lost their lives as a result of Qassam missile attacks.  Today, the park is used regularly by the children and families of Sderot.

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