ABI seeks to come alongside individuals and groups offering both tangible support in the form of humanitarian aid and building projects, and emotional support through the process of building relationships with those we help.

Hardship and suffering are universal and indiscriminate, affecting men, women, and children regardless of demographics. Therefore in addition to meeting concrete needs ABI also seeks to encourage people to come together in the face adversity. We want to promote an atmosphere of unity, with the hopes that long after ABI completes its work, those afflicted by hardship will be encouraged to continue to support one another, setting differences aside, finding common ground and working together to help one another in trial.  

In the process of delivering humanitarian aid or providing needed assistance in the midst of difficult circumstances, ABI would consider partnering with other organizations where our mutual efforts could best benefit the individuals or groups we’re trying to help.

In order to bring hope to those in the face of hardship, ABI provides training to volunteers involved in being a part of the work ABI is doing. By educating our volunteers about the individuals we’re helping and the countries in which we are working, the result is that they are more inclined to offer long-term support.